In time - Ne kohe

This time I am bringing to you a great movie. What really meatters in life....
and that is time. There is a great concept in this movie, in which we should learn to treat our time (our life actually) as the most valuable thing, in this movie time is everything, time is money, cost money, time is life and costs life. Enjoy!!!

The blind side 2009

The blind side 2009 *
Based on a true story - Bazuar në një histori të vërtetë


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

Eight below - (Minus 22 grade)

Watch an american movie with English subtitles. Eight below means, eight below zero in Fahrenheit scale. When we convert it in Celsius, it is minus twenty-two.

Birds - Zogjtë

Birds - Zogjtë
albatross albatros
bullfinch gushkuq
cockatoo papagalli kakadu
cuckoo qyqe
condor kondor
duck rosë
eagle shqiponjë

Diseases - Semundjet

Diseases - Semundjet

(sinonime) illness, sickness, disorder

Adenoide (mish ne hunde)
Akne (puçrra fytyre)
Allergy Alergji
Alzheimer’s disease Sëmundja Alzheimer
Anemia Anemi
Anorexia Anoreksi (mungesa e oreksit)
Anosmia Anozmi (mungesë e nuhatjes)
Appendicitis Apendicit
Arthritis Artrit
Asthma Astmë
Astigmatism Astigmatizëm
Atherosclerosis Arteriosklerozë